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Name:Looker // Lia Briggs
Location:United States of America

Emily Briggs was a mousy bank teller who lived a quiet life with her husband in Gotham City. That all changed when she was kidnapped by people from the underground civilization known as Abyssia. The Outsiders set out to rescue Emily. After a battle with the people of Abyssia, Emily's heritage was revealed to her and as Halley's Comet passed by the Earth, Emily underwent a metahuman transformation, as well as becoming more conventionally attractive.

After leaving Abyssia to its people, Emily returned with the Outsiders and an astonished husband. She soon took on the name "Lia" as well as a more confident, yet self-centered, personality.

Emily's first outing as Looker occurred after the Outsiders had been captured by the Masters of Disaster. After defeating the Masters of Disaster, she freed the Outsiders and was welcomed into their ranks.

Her first tenure with the Outsiders showed how much the mousy Emily Briggs had changed, as she became obsessed with her beauty, something that usually created some tension between her and Katana. The tension was only heightened with the budding friendship between Looker and Halo, where the more free-spirited Looker was in sharp contrast with Halo's stricter legal guardian, Katana.

Looker shows a deep current of intelligence, when she defeats an intelligent virus inhabiting her then-friend Doctor Jace. The sentient virus, believing that Looker was injecting Jace with a vaccine to which Jace was allergic, fled the body and died upon contact with the air. The vaccine was in fact, harmless glucose and Looker herself was already immune because she was not allergic. Unfortunately, Jace would later go on to willingly betray the Outsiders to the alien Manhunters.

Looker's role as somewhat of an outsider amongst Outsiders continued to worsen, especially when Windfall joined, a former Master of Disaster and peer of Halo, and the two were constantly involved in a rivalry of sorts. On top of that, Looker started a short affair with the team-leader Geo-Force during a time that they were stranded on an island but which continued when they returned. Eventually though, there came a mutual decision to call it quits, it being unfair not only to Gregg (Looker's husband) but also to Denise (Geo-Force's girlfriend).

Some time later, Looker received a call for help from Abyssia. Traveling to the underground city, Looker discovered that Abyssia had been taken over. Looker invoked a challenge on the despot, and in the course of the battle, she was stripped of her beauty and much of her power. Shortly afterwards, Geo-Force disbanded the Outsiders, and Lia returned to her previous life in Gotham City.

Later, when Geo-Force's homeland Markovia was overrun with vampires, Emily's powers returned, and Looker was back in action alongside the Outsiders. An attempt by Queen Ioana to kill Geo-Force leads to Looker becoming a victim of their leader, Roderick. Having become a vampire, Looker's existing powers were joined by some new abilities. Due to previously being a metahuman, Emily was able to bypass some of the traditional vampiric weaknesses such as resistance to sunlight.

The Outsiders are forced to become fugitives, due to Roderick having framed Geo-Force for the murder of Queen Iona. Looker helps the team face many adversaries, including the new Batman, the Eradicator, Halo's alien relatives and Islamic super-terrorists. Once the vampires were defeated and the Outsider's names restored, the team 'unofficially' disbands. They now work solely out of Markovia, which Geo-Force now rules over. Served with divorce papers and now living under the vampiric curse, Lia has apparently broken all ties with her past life.

Lia also cut her ties with her vampire coven as well, becoming more independent in her choice of actions. She eventually became one of the hosts of the television program The Scene, a show that was similar to The View. Her co-hosts included Vicki Vale, Tawny Young, and Linda Park. During taping Lia would wear a scarf around her neck to hide the vampire bite wounds.

Powers & Abilities

Psionics: Looker possesses the full spectrum of psionic abilities including:

Telepathy: ability to read minds of others and project thoughts. Also allowing from telepathic communication between two or more individuals over vast differences.

Psionic Energy Blasts: ability project blasts of psionic energy.
Mind Control: ability to control the minds of others.

Telekinesis: She has shown the power to levitate both enemies and inanimate objects. The limits of her powers are unknown

Flight: ability to propel herself through the air unaided by telekinesis.
Levitation: ability to suspend herself or others in the air, though at a slower steady pace then flight by telekinesis.

Force Field: ability to generate telekinetic force-fields with the power of the mind.

Psychometry: ability to see impressions of the past and future by the mental energy given off by the object that she touches.

Enhanced Metabolism

Enhanced Healing: due to her enhanced metabolism her healing is uniquely fast.

Superhuman Strength

Superhuman Durability

Superhuman Speed

Superhuman Stamina

Nocturnal Mist Form: Lia posseses the ability to turn into vapor due to her vampiric nature, but she can only do this during the night.

Command Vermin:Lia possesses the vampiric ability to mentally command vermin, such as bugs.

Sun Immunity: Unlike regular vampires, she is immune to the sun due to her psionic powers.


Thirst: Like regular vampires, Looker still needs to feed on blood.

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